As for WAFUNIF’s objectives are concerned, despite its primary duty towards the inurnment of its members, the underlying purpose essentially being the dissemination of United Nations’ capacities in the realm of international affairs, its involvement has to be vastly global. Accordingly, as a bridge, it must attend both its primary aims, secondary goals, and tertiary engagements..




In fulfillment of its mandate, as primary objectives, the constitutional stipulations provide the Association to: i) be an alumni organization for United Nations internes and fellows; ii) continue to be a channel of communication between the United Nations and those it has serviced through its multiple variety of internships and fellowships; iii) rekindle interest of people in the United Nations and international affairs, in all corners of the globe; iv) give expression to the views of its adherents on pertinent issues; v) use the individual and collective resources of its members to promote, at international, regional, national, and local levels through research, information, and education to help improve public understanding of the principles, aims, purposes, activities, and potentialities of the United Nations; and vi) support and encourage the maintenance and further development of internship, fellowship, and training programs within the United Nations system.




Put into practice, these objectives expand exceedingly to encompass indulgences in almost all major areas of the United Nations circumspection. Specially the promotional solicitudes required of WAFUNIF encourage among other things: i) constant interaction with the UN system and non-UN bodies on salient issues of concern to the international community; ii) cross-organizational cooperation on pertinent questions and studies; iii) participation in relevant international, regional, national, and local exigencies; iv) coordination with other organizations on respective policy and functional matters; v) recommendation on resolution of pertinent contingencies; and vi) dissemination of information on the United Nation’s principles, purposes, activities, and potentialities.




All these responsibilities can effectively be discharged only by WAFUNIF’s involvement in the full measure of UN vocations. As such, the organization after having determined the priority areas of its commission, continues to adjust them from time to time as the circumstances might demand. The present core list broadly includes: i) peace and security; ii) economics and finance; iii) society and culture; iv) ecology and environment; v) politics and administration; vi) law and constitution; vii) migration and rehabilitation; viii) health and education; ix) science and technology; and x) human rights and humanitarian law.












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